Our Mission

The MISSION of the Atascadero Chapter of the NWTF is the preservation of the Central Coast Wild Turkey and the Preservation of the Hunting Tradition

We will engage in local projects, partner with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, other not for profit organizations with similar goals and objectives, the National Forest Service, and any agency that can assist in our mission to preserve the Central Coast Wild Turkey population

We will preserve and promote the Hunting Tradition by supporting the California Hunter Education program, provide quality mentored hunts for new hunters, encouraging women and our youth to spend time out of doors hunting, shooting, fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, and to appreciate nature.

It’s an effort we must all stand behind to accomplish. Its success depends equally on unity and urgency. We must work together and we must do it now if we want to even begin to counteract the challenges to our lifestyle.